Myra Elastic Hair Band in Black with Golden Flower Embroidery

Black elastic hair band embroidered with golden lurex thread, shine effect. MYRA is a 100% Made in Italy product. The precious embroideries have been chosen and positioned on the fabric after a careful study, in order to make the garment unique and extremely refined. To make the embroidery even more precious are the small hand-sewn flowers, which remain applied in relief and fluttering, thus giving a three-dimensional and natural optical effect of the floral design. Being designed as an accessory to complete the look even at the sea, it can be wet and used on the beach without any fear of it being ruined. The accessory, in addition to being a chic hair elastic, lends itself well as a precious bracelet and can be used for different occasions, also ideal in the evening to complete the total look. The accessory has been thoroughly tested to be exposed to sunlight and wet with sea water. Take care of your accessory: refer to the washing label on your elastic, rinse by hand after use with warm water using a mild detergent.

Made in Italy.


86% Polyester, 14% Elastane